Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom WWJD007: Florida Georgia Line, Perseverance & the No Excuse Zone
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WWJD007: Florida Georgia Line, Perseverance & the No Excuse Zone

Thanks for tuning in!

Today we chat about:

  • An update on our Cat Jasper
    • Taking a holistic approach to cancer treatment
    • Doing what’s best for the cat, not what’s best for us
    • Perseverance during difficult times
  • Why the band Florida Georgia Line is awesome
  • Why you need not persevere alone
  • Why making excuses in a relationship never ends up well for us
    • “because their fluff” – Jen
    • Why honesty always wins out

Reflection on Diego Miranda’s conversation about finding your purpose in life and perservering!

Have A great day – Stay tuned for another positive interview next Tuesday!

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