Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom WWJD001: Inception
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WWJD001: Inception

Today is The first ever “What Would Jen Do” ! with a special guest

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Topics Discussed:

How Your character cant be taken away from you

The blessing of the hands

Joe Noya on mindset and finding your purpose and what that meant to Jess

What Jess’ therapy is

From Corporate Job to Being A mom

Reviewing Hans Hageman’s point about personal responsibility

Understanding Jen’s “Why” that she always puts others first

How your outside world is a reflection of your inner world

Being the director of your life

Expectations in relationships

A lesson of sacrificial love from a father

Teaching a two year old American Sign Language

Sharing my transparent moment with my fiancé

The importance of dealing with heart issues – Thanks David Johnson

Being a lighthouse for others

How to strengthen your gratitude muscle

Our takeaways from this call

See you tomorrow where I interview Margaret Brown 

The chief editor of the podcaster magazine, Podster

Keep serving and stay positive,

Dr. Tom

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