Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom Update: New Podcast Format!
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New Podcast Format:

Hi everyone!

I want to apologize for being low-key these last few weeks. I’ve had a lot of life hit me all at once and I need to take some time to reflect. But the Positivity Effect is back and it’s in full swing!

I’ll save it for the episode but what I can say as a sneak peak is that each week is going to be focused around one POWERFUL interview split up over two days every single week.

Every conversation will be JAM PACKED with powerful content.

In other news:

I’m now building out the Positivity Effect community. For more information text POSITIVITY to 44222

Thank you to all of my loyal listeners, thank you for believing in this podcast and believing in the mission. Together we can create a ripple effect of positivity throughout our world.


Dr. Tom

Stay tuned for a What Would Jen Do (W.W.J.D) episode this Sunday!

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