Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom TWR001 - The Weekend Reset! Altruism Heals?
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Join Dr. Tom on the 1st ever Positivity Effect Weekend Reset!

Every Saturday Dr. Tom will share a short episode to:

  • Recap on the last weekly episode
  • Share some good news! We all need good news, right?
  • Get you centered on gratitude
  • Preview the next week’s big episode

Today’s Weekend Reset:

  • Recap on the conversation with Dr. Elyse Tursi and the power of choice
  • How Altruism Heals! A study by Harvard University
  • Dr. Tom shares his gratitude for YOU, the listener.
  • Garrain Jones is back on Monday for a new powerful episode sharing his thoughts and reflections on the current civil unrest that was sparked by the death of George Floyd

Stay Tuned For The Next Episode of The Positivity Effect on Monday!

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