Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 126: The Tree Metaphor - Stephen TrueLove
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The Tree Metaphor

Stephen TrueLove utilizes coaching techniques that include a range of therapies and holistic practices. He has helped his clients overcome a variety of issues for over fifteen years; from bereavement to self-confidence, depression & anxiety to smoking cessation or weight loss, and much more.  Each client is looked at on a deep individual level where he helps them identify the issue and help them move past their limiting beliefs by creating the right mindset that allows them to be the person they were meant to be.

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On today’s episode we discuss:

  • drilling down into your life’s purpose

  • POBS – patterns of behavior (conditioning)

           A POB from Stephen’s life and when he discovered it

  • The tree metaphor

  • Helping ourselves and others discover “light bulb” moments

  • What happened to Stephen at the age of 34 that changed everything

  • Who is Steven Gilligan?

  • How Stephen worked through deeply rooted fears in his life

  • What is NLP? Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Stephen’s book

And so much more…

Stephen’s impact: Wants to be remembered as someone who made an impact and who helped assist people to be the best version of themselves, to enjoy life, laugh more, and have open arms to welcome things into their lives, albeit good or bad.

Stephen’s nuggets of wisdom

“The most empowering thing you can do for a person is allowing them the opportunity to see something for themselves because then they have the resources to make the changes that works best for them”

“we’re all on a journey”


Another episode of The Positivity Effect goes live next Tuesday – Stay Tuned !!!

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