Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 128: Expression Through Creativity - Ryan Hunter
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Expression Through Creativity

Ryan Hunter is a Long Island, NY native musician who is the lead singer for Envy On The Coast. He is also the singer/songwriter for his solo project, 1st Vows. I am a fan of Ryan’s work and I’m humbled to bring him on as a Positivity Effect guest. He’s an overall great guy and his contributions to the world of music speak for themselves.  

CLICK HERE for Ryan’s band, Envy On The Coast

CLICK HERE for Ryan’s solo project, 1st Vows

CLICK HERE for Ryan’s Instagram

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How/why Ryan gravitated towards music

  • Reminiscing on early musical influences

  • When Ryan realized music was the only path

  • Reflections on Ryan’s musical journey and his thoughts on hard work

  • Ryan on being open/organic to one’s journey and process through life

  • Why we all need to be aware of how we treat people and the importance of always doing the right thing

  • Sharing thoughts of gratitude on his musical support system

  • How Ryan approaches the use of a “microphone” in 2017

  • Delving into the mind of a musician and the creative process

  • The importance of showing up consistently

  • The stepping stones of life’s validation

  • Working out the patience/persistence/listening muscles

  • A tough phase in his life and how he used music to push through

  • How Ryan became the lead singer of Envy on the Coast

  • Trials/Tribulations as a vocalist

    And so much more…

Ryan’s nuggets of wisdom

“I remember realizing I was a sponge for it”

“whatever you see your self-doing, you can use that as drive to succeed, but understand that is just a stepping stone”

“like Bruce Lee says, Be Like Water”

“we’ve tried to put our money where our mouth is and affect change via action rather than preaching because preaching has become so easy for everybody and the use of that microphone has become often empty as far as what you see and what you hear”

“When I sit down to write something, it’s a very personal process, I don’t like having an agenda…ultimately I don’t want to be thinking at all when I’m making things”

“So much of what I’ve learned is just via listening and feeling, being that sponge”


Another episode of The Positivity Effect goes live in two weeks – Stay Tuned !!!

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