Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 123: Enrichment Through Service - Rich Rotanz
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Enrichment Through Service

Rich Rotanz. Emergency Manager, Safety, and Fire Science Professional with forty years of experience in public policy, safety and mitigation, emergency management, fire protection, rescue tactics, hazardous materials incidents and planning/research for all natural, civil, and technological hazards including acts of terrorism.

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On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Rich became so involved with the NYC Fire Department
  • Building a life of enrichment and character through service
  • Gratitude for opportunity and relationships
  • Proving your value through hard work
  • How Rich approaches sensitive communication in his line of work
  • Having a team mentality
  • Communication starts at home
  • The simple power of volunteer work

And so much more…

Rich’s nuggets of wisdom

“You want to have integrity, you want to have endurance, and you want to have the desire to really go forward and also the courage to say, you know what, “I have to take this on?” OR “alright I failed” and even if you failed, you bounce right back up and keep trying”

“There’s no I in team”

Part 2 with Rich goes live next Tuesday – stay tuned!!

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