Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 081: Lessons From A Millennial - Raulvin Coke
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Lessons From A Millennial

Raulvin Coke is one of the most-watched Millennial Entrepreneur trainers of our time, and a global Top 100 Most-Followed Public Figure on Periscope.tv.  He is a #1 Amazon bestselling author whose books include Economic Crash Dummy, and latest book to be released in 2016 “Fit For Greatness” and The Millennial Entrepreneurs Journey. Raulvin Coke is also the Founder and Executive Chief Officer of the 1st  E-Learning Marketing place for Millennials called the Millennial School of Entrepreneurship.


CLICK HERE for Raulvin’s Website

Raulvin’s twitter handle: @RaulvinCoke

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Raulvin’s purpose of inspiring the millennial generation
  • What’s up with the millennial generation?
  • The Millennial School Of Entrepreneurship
  • What holds millennials back
  • What did Raulvin’s life look like before his entrepreneurial journey
  • Scarcity vs. Abundance mindset
  • What motivates Raulvin to make money
  • Why do people feel money is a “dirty” word
  • Mentors in Raulvin’s life
  • Values Raulvin picked up from Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week
  • A fail forward moment in 2008
  • Moments of gratitude


Raulvin’s Nuggets Of Wisdom:

“it was like looking at a table with a puzzle that you just dumped out of a box…how am I going to put these pieces together…once you go through the process, everything comes together, you find new pieces, its like adding new scenery to the puzzle. It’s just about getting started”

“don’t follow the money, follow your heart”


Raulvin’s Impact: Wants to be remembered as someone that helped inspire and uplift his generation and the generation after. As the person that really helped bring positivity to the world, and bring happiness to everyone he comes in contact with

Tomorrow we chat with life coach Kelly Higdon – stay tuned!!

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