Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 003: The Jazz Mindset - Glenn Drewes
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The Jazz Mindset

Glenn Drewes is one of the most in demand trumpet players on the NYC Freelance scene today. His diverse career has spanned the likes of jazz greats: Wood Herman, Buddy Rich, Dizzy Gillespie, Garry Mulligan, & Mel Lewis, to today’s pop artists, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Harry Connick Jr, David Sanborn & P-Diddy. In addition to being heard on hundreds of jingles, feature films, network awards shows and sports themes, Mr. Drewes has been the trumpet voice, on the popular children’s education show, Sesame Street for 17 years. Currently Mr. Drewes is playing lead trumpet on his 17th broadway production, Chicago, and leads his own jazz quintet, serving as a clinician for high school & college festivals. He’s also served on the teaching staff at C.W. Post college on Long Island NY and the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

  • As a professional musician, Glenn doesn’t have a steady 9-5 job (which can be tough sometimes) and he gets called on a diverse spectrum of musical interpretation.
  • Glenn said it very simply. A Positive outlook breeds more Positivity. A Negative outlook breeds more Negativity.
  • In his world, if you have a,“I don’t want to play this” type of attitude than you won’t get called for the job.
  • “It’s so easy to smile, physically. It’s much harder to frown”
  • “Life is going to kick you in the teeth sometimes, you can’t take it personally”
  • “You never know where the call is coming from” 15 years before Glenn got the call for the Sesame Street gig, he did a free rehearsal in the basement of a restaurant with a big band and the sound engineer at sesame street was the piano player at that restaurant gig.
  • Failure moment: Was fired from a gig once because he wasn’t doing the right job. “It was the first time I got let go for something because of my playing”
  • “If you did everything right the first time you wouldn’t want to go out and do it again”
  • Mentor: His parents and his high school/college music teachers. They were tough on him out of love.
  • Gratifying moment for him: helping one of his students get a gig for a Pops Orchestra out of St. Louis (gave her a few simple tips)
  • Broadway show Chicago – a really tough gig but rewarding. 13 musicians on stage with some of the best musicians from the 80s


Glenn plays at Birdland Jazz Club every Friday in NYC from 5pm-7pm

Glenn’s email: drewblue@optonline.net

Book recommendation: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court by John Wooden

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