Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 002: Letting your kids fail - Jessica Lahey
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Letting Your Kids Fail

Jessica Lahey is an educator, speaker and writer. She has been an english, latin, and writing teacher in middle and high school for over a decade. She writes in the bi-weekly parent-teacher advice column for the NY Times, is a contributing writer at the atlantic and appears as a commentator on Vermont Public Radio. Jessica earned a JD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a concentration in juvenile and education law. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two sons. Jessica’s NY Times best selling book, “The Gift of Failure” teaches parents how to let go so their children can succeed.

  • Prior to teaching, Jessica was set on working in the courts via juvenile law. Learn how an invitation to teach a class at Duke University to academically gifted students changed her life.
  • As an educator, she started to see a trend that her students (as well as her own children) were becoming increasingly less teachable
    • “The Gift of Failure” was written out of Jessica’s own need to figure out that first step to help her students and her own children fall in love with learning again and be okay with failure.
  • One of her students (who was a very good student) told her that she had a fear of failure (also known as Atychiphobia). Jessica breaks down how fear deprived her of the process of learning.
  • Learn why Jessica almost dropped out of law school because of a poor grade.
    • Lesson: Don’t let immediate failure detract you from your ultimate goal.
  • Jessica’s best parenting advice comes from books on business.
  • Why it’s important to move past “you are your failures” and use those thoughts more constructively.
  • “Positive” labels can be just as destructive as “negative” labels.
  • Growing up, Jessica let teachers tell her, “You’re not a math person” She came back to math in adulthood and loves it. She just has to work a little harder at it.
  • Mentors: Three highly respected past teachers whose teaching styes allowed her and her fellow classmates ask hard questions, which in turn helped them become better teachers.
  • Jessica’s talks about the privileged experience of seeing past students go on to become teachers.
  • Learn about Jess’ shoe lace story


Learn about the importance of letting your kids failĀ 


Jessica’s website: www.JessicaLahey.com

Jessica’s Twitter Profile

Book recommendation: Mindset by Carol Dweck

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