Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 096: Guiding Yourself Towards Empowerment - Monica Bennett
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Guiding Yourself Towards Empowerment

Monica Bennett is an empowerment coach, teaching the laws of nature to live in joy and harmony with yourself, the community and the world. Monica is available for hire to give mind-set training talks and workshops for corporations, groups and businesses. She also has a doctorate degree in Naturopathy, is a certified reflexologist, certified Nia dancer and a certified biodynamic gardener. She has developed a body spray named Hygiea to balance your chakras and she can read energy vibrations.  She has traveled  the world exploring energy and nature. She has just written a book entitled How May I Serve, (Memoirs of a Spiritual Waitress).

CLICK HERE for Monica’s website

Monica’s twitter handle: @MindMonica

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How to navigate the duality of life
  • The importance of taking responsibility over one’s life
  • Why we need to raise our awareness in social situations
  • How we are influenced by the dialogue in our heads
  • Monica’s book “How May I Serve
    • Her pen name “Karen Matthews”
  • How to “navigate uncertainty with faith and courage”
  • Lesson’s from Muhammed Ali’s life


Monica’s Nuggets Of Wisdom:

“You wouldn’t have the good if you didn’t know the bad”

“You don’t clean a polluted lake over night, it happens little by little by little”

“When you ask, you shall receive”

“The greatest gift we have, that people forget, is the ability to choose, in any moment”

“life is like a heart beat, it has its ups, it’s downs, it’s good times, it’s bad times”

“If you’ve never failed, you’ll never succeed”

Monica is back on Thursday for another fun filled impactful conversation – stay tuned!!

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