Getting To The Root Of It

Mike Daciuk, born and raised in Canada, is the founder of Interactive Body Balance: A vibrant health practice that has been built around his training of functional diagnostic nutrition. Mike takes a unique approach to health by combining functional medicine with his business knowledge to ultimately inspire and help his clients reach their full potential. He has helped many people locally and reaches millions of people each day virtually through his online platform.

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Mike’s twitter handle: @MikeDaciuk

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • The premise behind functional diagnostic nutrition and how Mike became certified
  • Mike’s 15 year corporate job and how he has applied lessons learned to his present life
  • The benefits of school/training/learning
  • Why Mike chose to focus on health
  • Where Mike starts with his clients
  • The devastating effects of stress
  • Why feedback can sometimes be negative
  • The importance of setting boundaries
  • Why we need to stop enabling


Mike’s Nuggets Of Wisdom:

“they’ll spend their whole life climbing the corporate ladder chasing the money and chasing success, you know, giving up their health. And then when they get it, they spend it giving it to me or someone else to get it back”

“if you help enough people, good things come back to yourself”

Mike is back on Wednesday for another fun filled impactful conversation – stay tuned!!

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