Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 116: Wisdom From A Yogi - Michael Kohan
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Wisdom From A Yogi

Michael Kohan, or Mukunda Chandra das (affectionately known as Mukunda) is dedicated to helping his clients and students find balance in all aspects of their lives—emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. He is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach and a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher who works with others to help them restore balance in their lives by helping them to make healthier and more conscious lifestyle choices.

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Michael’s Instagram handle: Your_Wellness_Yogi

On today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Why tragedy is not a requirement for success
  • Why you are in control of your actions alone and how you handle challenges that come your way
  • A “woe is me” moment for Michael and how he rose from the ashes of that experience
  • Why pivoting in life is crucial
  • How Yoga got him off his parent’s couch
  • What healthy eating means to Michael
  • The esoteric side of food
  • Goal setting & mindfulness
  • Weeding through the noise on exercise diet and personal development
  • The importance of small actionable steps
  • The weapons of mass distraction
  • The beauty is in the journey of life
  • One of the earliest yoga teachings
  • The power of podcasts
  • “long distance” mentors


Michael’s Impact: Wants to be remembered as a person who helped people and created a place for people to go to study yoga, spirituality and mindful living in a safe and authentic environment. To develop a learning center in Pennsylvania that people can spend the next 500 years to go to to develop healthy habits and mindful living.

Michael’s nuggets of wisdom

“The suffering is the free will, whether you choose to suffer or not in any situation”

“Yoga gave me the tools I needed to get off the couch and to look at my life and find space to examine who I was as a person”

“When I eat healthy and I have a clean diet, I feel better about who I am as a person”

“Politics, religions, you name it, is an easier conversation to have than when I talk to people about food”

“The food you eat here, affects how somebody else lives down their street”

“Our easiest change is to start with ourselves. The easiest way to start is through diet. It’s the simplest way to change the world”

“If you don’t feel good about your self, and if you don’t feel like you’re moving forward in life, than you’re not going to care about the food you eat. Food is comfort”

“If we’re not growing as an individual, then we’re dying as a person”

“You have to look at your life and say, it’s about how I lived my life today”

“The music that we listen to, the tv that we watch, the books that we read and the food that we eat, that is who we become”

Another episode of the Positivity Effect goes live next Monday – stay tuned!!

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