Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 122: Connection And Purpose Through Transformation - Luis Congdon
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Connection And Purpose Through Transformation

This week is a re-run of one of my most popular episodes with Luis Congdon, The co-founder of Thriving Launch an online business resource and podcast to help business owners map out clear and practical tips that are essential to thrive in today’s economy. Luis also hosts a podcast with his girlfriend called Lasting Love Connection where they interview the top relationship experts to help couples and singles keep their love passionate and strong and enduring. Luis lives a life of gratitude and transparency. He has a heart of giving and an incredible drive for entrepreneurship, I’m honored that he joined us on the Positivity Effect.

Luis’ story

  • Born in Columbia during the height of the cocaine cartel
  • Never knew his birth father and he lost his mother at the age of 5 years old
  • Was adopted to the United States and simultaneously felt loved and confused when that relationship ended in divorce
  • Through everything he had been through in life, he developed a drive to end human suffering around the age of 15
  • His journey led him to practice Buddhism for almost a decade
  • After many years of practicing Buddhism, he realized he was missing human connection
  • He fell in love with someone but she fell out of love with him and left.
  • He used that experience to springboard himself to be a successful marriage coach in the non-profit arena
  • Together, he and his now girlfriend Kamala developed two powerhouse internet resources:

Thought on becoming a monk: He was striving for perfection and realized he didn’t have to be.

Luis’ thoughts on having an online business

  • Took a long time to become okay with accepting payment
  • Through deep reflection of the value he provides, he can internally accept what he charges for an hourly rate
  • Recants on how it can be difficult sometimes to find that balance of generosity
  • We have to learn to be okay with what we desire (in his case income from an online business)


“Learn how to take care of yourself as an entrepreneur”

Thoughts on life

  • Why we need coaching/mentorship: “There are so many things we don’t know that we don’t know”
  • At birth: we are safe and 100% provided for
  • After birth: We begin the universal journey of learning to obtain what we want in life through tears, demands, & fighting.
  • We learn “no”
  • Everything is the highest order (i.e. our physical relationships and our spiritual relationships)
  • Happiness is magnified when we can share it with someone


Soul Food

  • God gives regardless. “Be like God” – Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • “Does the sun ever say to the flowers you owe me?” – Hafiz (Imagine what a love like that could do for the world)
  • “Love is how we feel about ourselves and how we relate to ourselves” – Don Miguel Ruiz
  • “Everything is energy” – Albert Einstein
  • Luis believes we add our own meaning to the world



  • “Every time we take a breath, that’s the last time we breathe that breath in that moment”


Book recommendation

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