Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 085: Continous Improvement Daily - Justin Christianson
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Continuous Improvement Daily

Justin Christianson is the best selling author of Conversion Fanatic: How to double your customers, sales and profits with A/B testing and is a 14 year veteran of digital marketing having worked on hundreds of profitable campaigns. A self proclaimed numbers junky with a firm belief that the numbers don’t lie, has a knack for finding holes in marketing campaigns and offering simple solutions to quickly plug them, effectively improving the results. An avid student of marketing and business, he firmly believes that you must continue to improve daily in order to stay ahead and succeed. He is the co-founder and president of Conversion Fanatics a solution to capture bigger growth opportunities for businesses through hands on data driven optimization and split testing. He is here today to share some lessons from his professional career as well how to apply the words “Conversion” & “Congruency” to our daily lives.

CLICK HERE for Justin’s website Conversion Fanatics

Justin’s twitter handle: @ConvFanatics

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On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Justin came around to writing a book
  • Lessons from writing a book
  • How giving up alcohol allowed him the mental clarity and space to write a book
  • How writing a book forced him to reflect deeply on his life
  • How he reflected on the following idea:
    • “I have a gift to share”
  • The importance of gratitude and “continuous improvement daily”
  • How you can have “continuous improvement daily” both professionally and personally
  • Why it’s important to reward the little milestones
  • Focusing on the process, not the end goals
  • Pushing through in the process, despite the difficult times
  • How to grow as an employee


Justin’s Nuggets Of Wisdom:

“if you just improved your life or your business 1% every single day, you’ve completely transformed after 100 days”

“you just have to be patient and realize the process”

“I was an overnight success ten years in the making”


Justin’s Impact: He wants to be remembered for the stuff that he gave, and that he helped lift other people up, and as a process, help people as a result, just as someone who was a good human being.

Tomorrow night, join us for another What Would Jen Do – stay tuned!!

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