Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 120: The Fingerprint Metaphor - Jim Rees
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The Fingerprint Metaphor

Jim Rees is an Ultra Cyclist, Ironman Triathlete, Author and Executive Coach. Co-founder of The Long And The Short Of It, Jim and his business partner Mark Foster combine the experiences of two very different athletic styles: sprint and endurance. With that, they join as one mind to help their clients understand the required cognitive and emotional discipline for competition how that translates into specific behaviors for success and reaching high-performance targets.

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On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Applying a “weekend warrior” Ultra Cyclist mentality to everyday life
  • The meditative properties of cycling
  • The power of pushing through repetitive tasks
  • How mastering the skill of “choice” can help grow any area of your life
  • Pain/pleasure decisions
  • The power of taking personal responsibility
  • Tuning into your internal dialogue

And so much more…

Jim’s nuggets of wisdom

“Every decision we make is based on pain and pleasure”

The importance of dialing in our awareness to our pain/pleasure trigger points

“We have a feeling which then drives our thinking. Actually, it’s the feeling-thinking trap that we get caught up in as human beings. As opposed to what really it should be is, thinking feeling”


Another episode of the Positivity Effect goes live next Tuesday – stay tuned!!

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