Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 121: The Crystal Staircase - Jaret Grossman
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The Crystal Staircase

Jaret Grossman is the co-founder of a popular fitness brand, Muscle Prodigy. Jaret’s mission in creating this brand and product was to help debunk fitness myths that have existed for decades and help millions of people change their bodies naturally like he was able to without deprivation. Jaret was 96 pounds his freshman year of high school and was able to more than double his body weight, get down to 6% body fat, and become a 3x All-American wrestler.


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On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How fitness shifted his internal self-image
  • What is true “work ethic” and why it’s so crucial to success
  • The importance of defining your vision and defining “deep reasons”
  • Breaking down Jaret’s motivational audio track, “The Crystal Staircase”
    • Take action!
  • Why Jaret put a video out on youtube every single day for a year
  • Breaking down Jaret’s motivational audio track, “time is so precious”
    • Productivity
  • Controlling what events/things mean to you
  • The power of being in a peak state and how Jaret applies this concept

And so much more…

Jaret’s nuggets of wisdom

“It’s out of my need, essentially to solve problems. Mainly that starts with trying to solve your own problems. You eventually gain some golden nuggets, and wisdom and insight, and that becomes valuable for other people”

“It’s the middle ground of, well I’m not sure if this isn’t going to work, and we just hesitate. It’s this perpetual hesitation in a way. What’s really holding us back is some element of fear”

“If you can help as many people as possible, not only will it come back you, you will also experience more pleasure and the world will experience more pleasure”

Jaret’s Impact: Wants to be remembered as someone who was a force for good and who always put out pure energy into the world


Another episode of the Positivity Effect goes live next Tuesday – stay tuned!!

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