Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 098: Less Stress Business - Jamie Sussel Turner
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Less Stress Business

Jamie Sussel Turner is the author of Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching and Leading Great Employees. This award­ winning book was a finalist in the Indie Book of Excellence Awards. Jamie is a sought­after speaker who engages audiences through memorable stories and practical tips. She helps her coaching clients reduce their stress by up to 75%. They include business owners and executives from a variety of fields.

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Jamie’s twitter handle: @JamieSus

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Why stress reduction
  • The idea, “If you’re not stressed enough, you’re not working hard enough”
  • Why stress is a choice
  • Why Jamie wrote her book “Less Stress Business”
  • A time in Jamie’s life when she was consumed by stress
  • Her battle with cancer
  • How Jamie helps her clients reduce their stress by 75%
  • Why the pursuit for success can destroy your health if you’re not careful
  • How long it takes to reduce stress by a significant amount
  • The power of teaching
  • Why Jamie is able to apply her knowledge of being a school principal to being a business owner
  • A mentor in Jamie’s life


Jamie’s Nuggets Of Wisdom:

“I realized that my life was out of control, and that I could not continue on the way I had, I had to make some change, and learn how to have less stress in my life so I could be a calmer, clearer, more present leader. So that was my mission”

Jamie is back on Thursday for another fun filled impactful conversation – stay tuned!!

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