Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom FSC018: Gratitude For Those Who Serve - Michael Kirchhubel
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Gratitude For Those Who Serve

Michael Kirchhubel is a hard working guy who is a manger at a recycling solvent waste management company for the last 12 years. This job can be very dangerous and also sometimes requires a lot of time away from home. He’s also building an online business in a niche that he is passionate about so that he can build in more time freedom to his life so that he has more time with his family. Michael is an inspiration because he is an example that it is never too late (or early) to start an online business. He is also a reminder of the individuals of our country who work very hard and sometimes go unnoticed. The job that Michael does on a daily basis is one of many that are the backbone of America. Michael is such an awesome guy and loves to make people smile.


CLICK HERE for Michael’s online business: Feel Powered

Contact him at: mike@brasspeace.com

Topics discussed today:

  • How Michael’s starting an online business
  • The importance of “the setup” when taking impactful photos
  • The importance of lifting each other up
  • The power of love
  • Finding love everywhere
  • How “hard work” has been forgotten
  • Gratitude for the men and women in the military
  • Stories of Michael’s father who served in World War 2
  • Michael’s dangerous day job
  • How Michael chose a niche for his online business
  • The importance of niching down and making small decisions
  • How anyone can become a coach online
  • Michael’s “why” to starting an online business
  • Raising the awareness for the small things in life


Book recommendation:

Living Forward by Michael Hyatt


Michael’s impact: He wants to be remembered as thoughtful and as someone who left messages all around the world for U.S. Veterans that someone is thinking about them


See you tomorrow where I interview Rebekah Nemethy the founder and host of:

The My Rescue Rocks podcast

Keep serving and stay positive,

Dr. Tom

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