Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom FSC015: Emotional Self Exploration - Kim Knight
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Emotional Self Exploration

Kim Knight, The founder of Art Of Health had an incredible health transformation. It’s important to note that this transformation was not overnight. She was unable to work for 10 years due to chronic fatigue syndrome, pain, anxiety and depression and she began a journey of testing over 160 different therapies to start the healing process. It wasn’t until she began to realize, through self exploration, that the root cause of her suffering was from deeply rooted emotional pain that she was holding on to. Today she specializes in helping others with stress eradication, emotional mastery and self empowerment. She has professional training in cutting edge therapies such as mickel therapy, motivational medicine, the emotion code, multiple brain integration, advanced clearing energetics, and chi-gong.

Her work has earned her several health award nominations, including finalist for NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • how she got better through the internal work she did
  • How her health slowly deteriorated
  • Where her journey started after she came to a breaking point and quit her jon
  • a few of the therapies that worked for her (she tried over 140)
  • How she wasn’t paying to her emotions and how it affected her health
  • Buried emotions we accumulate as children and how they affect us later in life
  • Self exploration on a mental and emotional level
  • How to gain control of one’s emotions
  • How there can be gifts in one’s struggles
  • Five essential human qualities as per the ancient practice of Qi Gong
  • The art of daily self appreciation and gratitude
  • A story about a girl who she helped raise her awareness to help release painful emotions


“This emotion is welcome, I acknowledge this emotion, and just give one’s self permission to feel it” – Kim Knight

Kim’s turning point: When she understood that holding her emotions in were blocking her energy, and she was blocking that energy to the point that she was exhausted.

The emotions she were holding in were sadness and anger

“were not aware of what were not aware of until we become aware. Once were aware we have new choice. But until we’re aware, we have no choice” – Kim Knight


The impact that Kim wants to be remembered for: Transforming the medical and health paradigm around what creates illness

Tomorrow I have on Tony Wrighton the host of the health and vitality podcast, Zestology – Tony teaches us how to build more vitality into our lives – stay tuned!!

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