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Digital Health Tech.

Josh Trent, the founder of Wellness Force was not always an individual who made his health and wellness a primary goal. Growing up, he didn’t have the knowledge and tools about nutrition and physical training. He was almost 280 pounds at 18 years old. Josh escaped and medicated his stress through food, can you relate?

Listen in to how he had a lightbulb moment at a party when he was 21 years old that changed his life forever.

Josh’s Journey was an uphill battle but he stayed the course.

He quit his job and moved to Hawaii for six months to make a massive change with his health and life. Through that transformation he came across personal training.

In the beginning he didn’t have people around him that could lift him up. His driver was that he wanted to feel better. He started to surround him self with people who had a balance of life, work, fitness and wellness. The more he invested in coaches to learn from, quicker he improved his life.

In his first 5-7 years as a trainer, Josh’s self limiting beliefs would pop up from time to time. It wasn’t until 2015 when transformational coach Michael Strasner helped him realize he could completely shed himself from his self-limiting beliefs. CLICK HERE to listen to an episode where Josh interviewed Michael on Wellness Force.

People don’t relate to perfection. Josh connects with his clients because he can relate to their stories.


Just like Erik Kruger spoke about it earlier this week, Josh discusses the story of the good wolf and bad wolf and creating change in our lives really comes down to our mindset. Which wolf are you feeding?


Josh got into digital health technology after he saw Sky and Tamara Christopherson’s documentary Personal Gold, about the women’s 2012 olympic cycling team who used digital health technology to hack and create progress in their training. A week after the movie, Josh had a lightbulb moment, “what could this kind of technology, being used on olympians, do for ordinary people?” 

Check out Josh’s interview with Sky & Tamara

Topics Josh and I discuss:

  • Josh’s journey as a personal trainer
  • Digital health technology and trending tech
  • Josh’s digital tech modality he uses with his clients
  • Fear and how to overcome it
  • gratitude
  • law of attraction

“do the thing, and you’ll have the power” – Henry David Thoreau

“on this process of being your authentic best version of yourself, there is no finish line” – Gretchen Ruben 

Book recommendation:

Better Than Before by Gretchen Ruben

Tomorrow I chat with Jennie Ritchie about Faith, Family, Baseball and the life of a nomadic teacher – stay tuned!!

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