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Level Up Your Mind

Jason is a San Antonio personal trainer in the business of empowering people. He started working youth athletes in 2000 to make them faster and stronger. Now hes progressed and added weight loss training to his programs. He’s helped people successfully achieve their ideal fitness through his gym, Octane Athletic Performance and through online fitness coaching.

Difficult teaching moment: – couldn’t please every client. Had one client that was asking for too much and Jason had to let him know where he stood. The client ended up leaving bad reviews. Jason’s mentor said: “you can’t make everyone happy, you have to focus on your mission”

Thoughts on mentorship:

He worked with 8-9 different coaches

Each coach has a different perspective

When you’re just starting on something, mentorship is very important

Some coaches are for mindset others are for strategy

Greatest moment mentoring someone: helped coach a young lady with some deep rooted beliefs. During their conversation she sighed the biggest sigh of relief.


“Whether you’re dealing with business or fitness, those two things are very psychological” – Jason Benavides

Common fitness mental blocks:

negative energy associated with food

Ex) The emotional pain from A strained family relationship can be relieved through eating 

How do you eat healthier when the ones closest to you isn’t on the same page?

The healthy support system is important to help you keep focus

If you don’t have the support at home, consider joining a community online

If someone at work brings bad food to work or at home, you can reach out to your online community, vent about whats happening, and the community will keep you on track.


Book recommendation:

Drive: The Story Of My Life by Larry Bird

Side note: I use to be a regular migraine sufferer – Listen through to the end where Jason asks me what I did to reduce the amount of migraines I was having.

Tomorrow I have on Michael Unks an aspiring life coach and the author of “One Month Willpower” – Stay Tuned!

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