Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom FSC012: Humans Thrive On Purpose - John Lee Dumas
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Humans Thrive On Purpose

John Lee Dumas AKA JLD is the found of Entrepreneur On Fire. Through John’s very own story of being lost and unfulfilled with the way his life was going, he took massive action one day and never looked back. For him, it was literally like flipping on a light switch.

He recognized how unfilled he was at his current job and had this light bulb moment to create a podcast that would interview entrepreneurs on a daily basis. It had never been done before and everyone around him was telling him, “it couldn’t be done”. Now, he generates over $250,000 in revenue a month on a regular basis and his podcast has over 1 million listens. John offers a free 15 day podcasting course at www.freepodcastcourse.com.

John recently launched “The Freedom Journal” a leather bound journal that was created for one purpose and one purpose only: To help others SET and ACCOMPLISH their number 1 goal in 100 days. He ran a kickstarter campaign which¬†was extremely successful generating over $453,000 in revenue. John is very successful and knows what it means to apply the word PRODUCTIVITY. I had John on to talk about some of these things and also how he’s finding new ways to raise his contribution level to the world. We spoke about one very important word throughout the episode, and that is the word “Purpose“.

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