Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom FSC001: Supermarket Compassion
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The Millionaire Next Door

Welcome to the FIRST fireside chat!

These episodes will air every Sunday. Myself and my good friend Ted Gallucci (intro on the show) have a casual informal chat about the past week, we’ll share some personal stories, as well as our takeaways from the past interview. Speaking of which, our weekly interview will go live every Monday. Our interview tomorrow is with Bryce Prescott and he has a podcast called Rules of Success…Bryce is such an awesome guy and we go deep…so you don’t want to miss it..

Who is Ted Gallucci?

I met Ted  about 7 years ago when I first met my now Fiancee. This past September Ted stared his first semester in college. He’s a super smart, respectful guy. The thing I love most about Ted, he really thinks before he speaks. So, here are some takeaways from this week’s fireside chat:

College in 2015:

Sometimes students are on their phones if the teacher can’t hold their attention. However, many teachers are still very strict and don’t allow the use of phones.

Story of compassion:

Paying it forward at the local supermarket line

Favorite guest moment:

Glenn Drewes, “If you’re just sitting in the basement, no one’s going to find you – you just have to put yourself out there in the world”

Fraternities: Good or Bad?:

Community Service and a band of brothers that are there for each other no matter what

Angus Nelson —> Transparency:

Transparency shows you who and what you can become

Celebrity diner story:

Why celebrities are faced with an additional pressure to “save face”

Grateful moment of the week:

Sitting down with the family for Thanksgiving

Book Recommendation:

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

Check out the interview next week with Bryce Prescott!

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