Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 135: Tackling 2020 fears, growth mindset pivots and strategies on how to consciously live with vibrance - Dr. Elyse Tursi
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Episode #135 Introduction:

Our guest:

Dr. Tom is joined on today’s health and wellness podcast by a good friend Dr. Elyse Tursi. As a rising expert in the field of holistic and functional medicine, Dr. Tursi has made it her mission to help people understand how to heal themselves naturally and from within by approaching the body as a whole complete puzzle.

Through her own trials, tribulations and sweat equity has gathered strategies over the years that have led her down the path of true health and wellness. If you have the pleasure of meeting Dr. Tursi, you know that she vibrates at a different frequency so to speak and you truly get the vibe that you’re among someone who takes health and wellness seriously when you are in her presence.

Why you should be listening to her:

So many times you meet someone who is a coach in some discipline but they aren’t living up to what they preach. Thankfully, Dr. Tursi is the real deal. She is an individual who truly lives by what she preaches and I for one really appreciate that. I highly recommend listening to this episode a few times as Dr. Tursi drops so many nuggets that will aid you in your own personal journey towards vibrant health and wellness. 

In this episode Dr. Tom & Dr. Tursi chat about:

  • A young man who developed a “good news only” newspaper for his local town
  • Why it’s more important than ever to dig in and spread positive energy
  • How we can all set a positive example
  • The true power of choice
  • Why Dr. Tursi chose a path to help people holistically
  • The power benefits of compounding habits
  • The “airplane analogy” and how it applies to our wellness
  • Why we need to live what we preach
  • Healthy ways to approach to the current fears we may be experiencing (especially right now)
  • What is the number one question have been asking Dr. Tursi in the last three months
  • Adrenal fatigue…what is it? How do you get checked for it?
  • Okay..so you have adrenal fatigue..where do you start?
  • Cognitive Dissonance?! What is that!?
  • How to implement positive changes amidst these uncertain times
  • How “avoiding infection” is not the whole answer and why honing in on your wellness is
  • The Man In The Mirror Poem
  • How these difficult times can be viewed as a gift
  • Healthy alternative/swaps for our favorite “traditional” foods and snacks
  • The one thing you need to do now that will help you improve every aspect of your life
  • The importance of maintaining trust with yourself and starting small


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“Fear lowers your immune system by 75% percent” – Dr. Tursi


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Another episode of The Positivity Effect goes live next week – Stay Tuned !!!

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