Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 106: Living A Life Of Fulfillment - Cynthia Tripathi
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Living A Life Of Fulfillment

Cynthia Tripathi graduated with a 4.0 GPA from college. She accomplished that goal with steadfast persistence, drive, and ambition. With these principles, Cynthia knew she had what it takes to become successful in other facets of life. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author, UPW Firewalker, holds a Bachelors Degree and has an array of professional experience. Cynthia is a Personal Trainer, worked in the financial planning world, and traveled the country for a year teaching people how to eat healthy. With her diverse background and living life outside of her comfort zone, she has discovered the purpose in her life is to grow and constantly progress forward. She has found improving her life to bring enormous fulfillment. She’s now dedicated to sharing everything she’s learned with you! Escaping Average shows you how taking charge of your personal development can transform your life, and also answers the question many people have about initiating change, “Where do I start?” Cynthia’s mission in life is continuous personal development and to help others achieve powerful results from their own life. Achieving fulfillment stems from finding momentum. Learn how to Spark Positive Momentum in your own life and reach your true potential, little by little every day.

CLICK HERE for Cynthia’s website and book “Escaping Average”

Cynthia’s twitter handle: @SparkMomentum

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How to live a fulfilling life
  • Why Cynthia strives for excellence
  • How Cynthia stumbled upon a nutrition/fitness makeover
  • The processed food fog
  • Being “pulled” not “pushed” towards a goal
  • Conversations Cynthia has with her personal training clients
  • Visualizing the act of inaction
  • Raising awareness about food
  • “Where focus goes, energy flows” – Anthony Robbins

Cynthia is back on Thursday for another fun filled impactful conversation – stay tuned!!

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