Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 132: Conquering Fear - Dr. Tom
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Is It Possible To Conquer Fear?

This podcast is all about getting your mind right so that you can make a positive impact on your immediate world and ultimately the greater world around you. However, sometimes it can be really difficult to be that positive light for others when we aren’t speaking to ourselves the right way. Sometimes conquering fear is not so easy.

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Sometimes fear can kill our excitement or motivation and prevent us from conquering

Have you ever been excited about something and then let the fear of facing that excitement drive all your drive and motivation away? Have you ever felt like you had momentum with something and then suddenly you didn’t? On today’s episode, I have a raw conversation with you about something I struggled with recently and what I found to work on getting out of that funk. We will dive into what it means to tackle and conquer fear.

I loved sharing episode 129 with Rich Rotanz when we talked about the courage that the first responders of 9/11 had to deploy. I encourage you to go back and listen to this episode as it will truly put things in perspective.

We have all been in this place at one time or another. A healthy dose of fear is okay. Fear reminds us not to touch the hot stove or to run when we are in danger. However, if we let let it totally consume us we will run into many problems and it will be harder to live our best life. Sometimes all it takes is a self audit of yourself. I highly encourage journaling. Putting your thoughts down on paper can help clear the clutter in your mind and will focus you on what matters most.

Another episode of The Positivity Effect goes live next week – Stay Tuned !!!

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