Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 125: The champions mindset - Chris Romulo
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The Champions Mindset

Chris Romulo is a Queens, New York native who always yearned for growth. In his early twenties, he transformed himself from a street kid into a Muay Thai Champion with over 40 fights and 5 titles under his belt. Today, he’s a coach at his gym CROM Physical Culture and mindset speaker to both youth and adults. Chris has taken what he’s learned in the ring and turned it into a practical curriculum, U.P.R.I.S.E. The curriculum shows you how to tap into your natural abilities and become the champion of your life.  In May of 2017, Chris co-authored and published his memoir, Champions Uprising, which displays his unwavering mindset of determination, grit, and perseverance of spirit.

CLICK HERE for Chris’ website

CLICK HERE for Chris’ book, “Champions Uprising”

  On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Chris’s tip on how he drives himself out of bed in the morning
  • How Chris overcame fear and self-doubt that he carried through childhood
  • When Chris realized Muy Thai and martial arts was going to be the path for his life
  • The importance of getting the right people on your “bus”
    • The crabs in a barrel metaphor
  • The importance of accepting other people’s behavior for what it is and moving on to improve yourself
  • Applying the principles of May Thai fighting to your life
  • Chris’s Acronym: C.H.A.M.P.S
  • The power of pushing outside of your comfort zone
  • Having a champion mindset at home
  • A lesson from a Muy Thai fighter
  • Chris’ book

And so much more…

Chris’ Impact: Wants to know that he inspired someone to be better and that he can be a reminder for someone that life can be beautiful and they can pick themselves up and dust themselves off and keep fighting and start that champions uprising when they feel like they’re down and out.

Chris’ nugget of wisdom

“You want to make sure you’re attracting other champions to you. Not being stuck with the people who aren’t moving you forward… you want to be with the people who are on the same mission as you”

“We’re all victims of happenstance. We react to what happens in our life. instead of saying, “let me take control, let me know that my mind and my mindset is going to be the most powerful tool I can use when things are going great and maybe when things maybe aren’t going so great”

Another episode of The Positivity Effect goes live next Tuesday – Stay Tuned !!!

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