Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 087: Live Millionaire Case Study - Calvin Wayman
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Live Millionaire Case Study

Calvin Wayman is a social media entrepreneur. He’s also a sought-after speaker, owner of a social media management agency, host of Millionaire Case Study, and creator of the Periscope Pro Course. After quitting his day-job to pursue his dream of working for himself, Calvin relocated from Salt Lake City to sunny Southern California. He sold solar systems door-to-door to pay the bills and fund his online business. Calvin’s passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their business by taking advantage of modern tools and technology. He’s here today to share some powerful lessons about life and how pursuing your dreams is the only option.

CLICK HERE for Calvin’s website

Calvin’s twitter handle: @Calwayman

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Why you need to tap into your older self
  • The millionaire case study
  • How “successful” people are “normal” people
  • A humbling experience of a successful entrepreneur early on in his career
  • The brilliance of sharing your story as it happens, not after the fact
  • How I still get nervous for podcast interviews
  • How anyone can relate to Calvin’s story
  • Calvin’s definition of congruency


Calvin’s Nuggets Of Wisdom:

“I wanted to have  story of somebody I could follow, before I know the punchline. The story of someone going through the entrepreneurial process, as it happened”

“I dont want for someone just getting started to think that, I was cut from a different cloth”

“It has to come to the point where its just you yourself and I…trust in yourself more than anything else”

Calvin’s Impact: He wants to be remembered for the example that it doesn’t matter where you come from. He wants to represent the idea that anyone can be more if they can think it, they can do it

Tomorrow Barry Rhein, one of the most sought after consultants in the tech industry, joins us for a powerful conversation – stay tuned!!

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