Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 111: Understanding your hustle in life is crucial - Anthony Trucks
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Understanding Your Hustle In Life Is Crucial

Anthony Trucks, former Pro NFL linebacker is no stranger to adversity. From the tender age of three, he was given away to the foster care system to be subjected to years of physical, mental & emotional abuse. From very intense foster family situations, to a NFL career ending injury, to his wife’s affair that left him minutes from taking his own life, to his rise back up to become a highly influential life/business coach and dynamic speaker, Anthony will be the first to tell you that life can change for better or worse in an instant, it all starts with a decision. Every situation we have in life, we are faced with making a decision of what that situation means to us. After watching his foster mom take her last breath after battling MS for 17 years, he decided right then and there that he was going to make his life extraordinary. He now shares that unconditional love that she shared with him and he’s here to share some powerful insights from his life and how we all have the decision to better our own lives and achieve huge goals. We just have to learn to “trust our hustle”.

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Anthony’s twitter handle: @AnthonyTrucks

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Anthony defines the term: Getting sh*t done (GSD)
  • A beautiful description is given how life is not defined by our upbringing
  • Defining “clarity” moments in life
  • How to “Trust Your Hustle”
  • Why most people don’t even START down the path towards success
  • How Anthony applies faith
  • How are beliefs created
  • Why are we quick to trust others but slow to trust ourselves
  • The Dove Study
  • How to take more action that builds self trust
  • Simon Sinek’s Start With Why
  • How Anthony approaches fear
  • What leadership means in the face of adversity and fear
  • How helping yourself first immensely helps others
  • Why happiness comes from how we approach the world
  • Anthony intimately describes how all change in life happens in an instant [i.e. in a decision]
  • One of Anthony’s favorite moment in the NFL

Anthony’s nuggets of wisdom

“I know for a fact that I cannot guarantee that if you work hard or If I work hard, were going to get success, I can’t guarantee. But I can guarantee that if you don’t, you won’t”

“We spend most of our time in the decision making point”

“I have to know, like know, like faith in knowing, that if I put the work in, I will win. If you don’t know that, like to your soul, most of the time, like 95% of the time you’re not going to move”

“It’s the reason that is strong enough, to be able to move you past inevitable setbacks, life’s going to happen. It has to be so deep and so dark, it’s almost embarrassing to share in public”

On fear, “If I’m fearful, there’s a reason I put so much importance on it, so I want to figure it out”

“even if you don’t win. You have to set your own scale for what self worth you have or what your level of success is”

Another episode of the Positivity Effect goes live next Monday – stay tuned!!

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