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Dr. Tom here. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on gratitude. This beautiful word can often be watered down. This word can not only make you feel better on the inside and feel better about the world you live in but it can also give you strength. Think about the last time you were struggling with something. Struggling with some insurmountable obstacle that seemed like it was going to get the best of you. Maybe you were stuck in your career, maybe you broke up with your significant other, maybe a family member passed away, maybe your health was challenged. During those difficult and dark moments, it’s so easy to look outward and think about what is wrong in the world. Now think about a time when you felt a sensation of intense gratitude (we’ve all been there). Maybe you scored a point in a sports game, maybe your son or daughter was born, maybe you just got an A on that test. Sit on those thoughts for a moment in your mind. One must learn to harness those feelings during dark times as well.

A reflection on gratitude

~ Gratitude comes in many forms ~


Maybe your significant other just broke up with you. In that scenario, you may be flooded with intense feelings of anger of betrayal or it was an amicable breakup but you’re just feeling sad. By channeling gratitude, you can learn to flip those situations in your mind to become assets to who you are as a person. You can begin to look at those situations as building blocks of character. Maybe you can reflect and be grateful that when you were together that person taught you many lessons. Maybe you can be grateful that now that the relationship is over, both of you are going to be able to heal and move on to new relationships that will be more beneficial for both parties. Like Gary Genetti said on episode 117 of the podcast, “the beauty in the broken”. There are beautiful things that can be extrapolated from difficult situations. Our dark moments can cripple us or they empower us. We have the choice to choose. Just like we choose what kind of food we put in our mouths every morning and the actions we take throughout the day, we also choose the thoughts we put in our head.


How do YOU view gratitude?


Dr. Tom

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