Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 136: Raising Our Voice For Change, Joining In Unity And Seeing The True Beauty In Color - Garrain Jones
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The importance of raising our voices for unity

Dr. Tom is joined today by Garrain Jones who joined us on the Positivity Effect for the first time in 2019. In my first empowering conversation with Garrain, he shared how he had hit rock bottom and some of the actionable steps it took to get back to a place of abundance. That conversation was a rollercoaster! Garrain is back today to talk about his book, how it was released during a very trying and needing time in the world, his thoughts on the recent spotlight that has been put on racism in the United States and how he believes we can channel our energy towards greater unity and true love amongst us all. Sometimes finding more unity in life is just a conversation away. Garrain’s book certainly takes us there.

Unity is possible we just need to allow ourselves to look at society’s problems with an open mind

  • Recap on how Garrain went from the darkest spot to a place of true radiance
  • His book, “Change Your Mindset Change Your Life”
  • A new perspective on the book
  • Becoming free to express who you truly are
  • Garrain’s powerful perspective on racism in light of the recent events with George Floyd
  • How he has continued to redirect pain and anger into positivity and light for others
  • A beautiful story of how Garrain’s wife recognized her white privilege and how she’s channeling it to raise awareness for true love and unity
  • Why George Floyd’s “record” doesn’t matter and how he was unknowingly made into a martyr
  • Why ever single human can play a part in this story and have a purpose in uniting our fellow human beings no matter what race
  • The importance of getting to the root of the problem around racism
  • Being a part of history right NOW
  • The beauty in color and variety


CLICK HERE to learn more about Garrain

CLICK HERE for Garrain’s book

and check him out on Instagram @Garrain.Jones

“You can’t be what you can’t see” 

“True love has no boundaries”

“People listen to people they can relate to”

– Garrain Jones

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