Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 074: Lessons From A Writer - Margaret Brown
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Margaret Brown is the founder and publisher of Shelf Media, which publishes three digital-only magazines and hosts the Shelf Media Podcast. Shelf Unbound book review magazine, the 2015 Maggie Award Winner for Best Digital Magazine, reaches more than 125,000 avid readers in 75 countries. In fall 2013, Shelf Media launched Middle Shelf: Cool Reads for Kids, which has received more than 375,000 impressions on the digital newsstand, as well as Foreground art magazine. Subscriptions to all three titles are free at www.shelfmediagroup.com. Margaret is a National Book Critics Circle Lifetime Member.

Shelf Unbound magazine also hosts the annual Shelf Unbound Writing Competition for Best Independently Published Book.


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Margaret’s twitter handle: @ShelfMagazine

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Margaret got started as a writer
  • Why reading was so important to her at a young age
  • How to become a great writer
  • How reading is the quickest way to improve yourself
  • Margaret explains about a project called “Books In Translation”
  • The importance of reading content from numerous sources
  • How to approach reading if it’s difficult for you
  • Ditching the “I must complete this book” rule
  • The power and simplicity of short story collections (email her for recommendations – Margaret@ShelfMediaGroup.com)
  • Practices that Margaret used to help center herself during the “uncertainty” phase of her business
  • Lessons Margaret would share with her younger self

Margaret’s Wisdom Nuggets:

“being in the space of Indy publishing has really been amazing. I have been reading the best literature that I have ever read from today’s contemporary writers. Being able to read their works and engage with them has really been a joy.”

Tomorrow Margaret is back to share more powerful tips – stay tuned!!

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