Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 073: Soul Reborn - David Johnson
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Soul Reborn

David Johnson is the founder of True Family Men. He believes that the Lord has called him to build a strong community of men. The mission of True Family Men is to allow men to learn from one another’s successes and failures in marriage and parenting. The podcast was born to give men a platform to share their testimonies of how Jesus Christ has brought them out of life’s greatest challenges and how to begin the healing process. As men, we face many problems such as lust, pornography addiction, drug and alcohol addition, anger, stress, false sense of manliness, and the list goes on. David is back again to share his story of transformation and when you tune in, you will hear a message of positivity, hope, transparency and true love.

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David’s twitter handle: @TrueFamilyDave

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • A difficult time in my life
  • How to reconnect with loved ones
  • Communication/transparency in marriage
  • How improving yourself inwardly will reflect outwardly
  • The power of gratitude
  • The 90 second rule (TY Tony Robbins)
  • The things that matter most at the end of your life
  • How your thoughts manifest in the outside world
  • More about his brand, “True Family Men”
  • Powerful testimonials of men who have connected with him


David’s Impact: wants to be remembered that no one know his name. Meaning, he doesn’t want to be remembered as someone who built himself up or puffed himself up, because he knows without the grace of God, he wouldn’t be where he is today. He wants to be remembered for the platform he built and to shake culture of what it means to be a man.


David’s Wisdom Nuggets:

“my mess has become my message”

“God has given us a calling and a purpose on earth, we all have a calling and a purpose for what we should do”

“looking through the lens of understanding that we get one chance on here on Earth, and understanding that one day, yes, we will die..and thinking for that for me, in relation to my wife and kids, has created an attitude of gratitude so powerful”

“you don’t have to have it all together, none of us are perfect”

Book Recommendation:

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen

Tomorrow is the first ever What Would Jen Do Sunday Edition with my fiancee and a special guest as well- stay tuned!!

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