Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 065: Together, Let's Create Miracles - Devon Bandison
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Together, Let’s Create Miracles

Devon “The Connector” Bandison, a NYC native is a high performance coach and speaker who combines his energy, personality to consult with individuals and organizations to help them maximize their potential in areas such as leadership, productivity, fatherhood, and work-life satisfaction.  His signature TED talk, “The Most Important Question A Father Can Ask Himself” has gained national recognition and was a featured TED Talk at TEDx Boca Raton in March 2015.

Devon believes that Adversity is the greatest teacher and believes his own advertises and challenges growing up molded him to be the leader and loving father he is today. Watching his parents divorce early on his life along with his father who became addicted to drugs led Devon to internalize his emotional pain. Finding time to be successful proved to be difficult. When Devon became a young father, a decision to shift his perspective to a growth mentality over a victim mentality changed his life forever. Devon believes that “Fatherhood is Leadership and Leadership is Influence.” He often says, “Like leadership, fatherhood is not about a position or a title, but rather the opportunity to model for others effective leadership and create a living legacy.” Devon currently lives in NYC and is a loving father to his three children. His children inspire him daily to create and live his own legacy of leadership.


CLICK HERE for Devon’s website

Devon’s twitter handle: @DevonBandison

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Living abundantly through service to others
  • Loving yourself
  • The story of Michaelangelo and the Statue Of David
  • Why small changes matter
  • What fatherhood means to Devon
  • What to expect if you reach out to Devon for coaching


Devon’s Impact: Wants to be remembered for being a loving leader. For leading lovingly.


Devon’s Wisdom Nuggets:

“The outward world is a reflection of what’s going on in the inside”

“With all the accolades, If I fail at fatherhood, I failed at everything”

“My coaching is simple, you talk, I listen and we create miracles”

Tomorrow we chat with U.S. Marine & Veteran Timothy Lawson – stay tuned!!

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