Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 062: Simplify Your Health - Damon Moschetto
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Simplify Your Health

Damon Moschetto is an Author, Coach and speaker. He helps people live a high performance life through his coaching programs, books and seminars – as well as a podcast!


CLICK HERE for Damon’s website

Damon’s twitter handle: @DamonMoschetto

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Damon got into the health/fitness niche
  • Why athletes have a tough time finding a new career
  • The mental steps Damon went through to shift out of competitive athletics
  • The power of influence (good or bad)
  • Accountability
  • The power of transparency
  • Why the prevalence of obesity is rising
  • Simple ways to make a shift in your health


Wisdom Nuggets:

“The true driving force behind my motivation is my desire to help people reach their goals” – Damon Moschetto

Tomorrow we chat again with Damon on some actionable tips to improve our health/fitness – stay tuned!!

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