Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 058: The Miracle Boy - Clay Clark
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The Miracle Boy

Clay Clark is the Founder / Visionary of Thrive15, online edutainment and practical training for entrepreneurs taught by millionaires, mentors and every day success stories. He is also a writer / contributor to Entrepreneur.com. He has started numerous successful businesses, written 3 books, consulted with companies in nearly every industry under the sun and has committed to the “family time” necessary to create 5 beautiful children with his wonderful wife, Vanessa. He educates, he inspires and coaches teams and businesses on the specific actions steps that are required to grow.

Check out Clay’s online mentoring program: Thrive15

Clay’s twitter handle: @TheClayClark

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Where did Clay’s drive come from
  • His son, “The Miracle Boy”
  • Focusing on: Faith, Family, Finances, Friendship, Fitness
  • Focusing on those core 5 core beliefs in the right order
  • Why Clay developed his online training business Thrive 15
  • The magic keys to success: “SMART” & “FOCUS”
  • How/Why Clay lined up his priorities

One of Clay’s businesses: Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge

 Wisdom Nuggets:

“if you just look at business as a game, and you keep score with money, you’re in a healthy spot” – Clay Clark

Tomorrow we chat again with Clay Clark about Thrive15 – stay tuned!!

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