Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 057: My Rescue Rocks - Rebekah Nemethy
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My Rescue Rocks

Rebekah Nemethy is a lover and advocate of animals. She has had many job titles and interests throughout her life. However, the things that remain constant are: an undying love for animals, a passion for photography, and an artist who makes art that makes “the rescue go round”. Check out her Patreon page to help donate to her cause of bringing awareness to animal shelters and increase the amount of animals who find loving homes.

Check out Rebekah’s podcast: My Rescue Rocks

Rebekah’s twitter handle: @ReflectInPhotos

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Things to consider when adopting a pet
  • Kim Kavin’s book: The Dog Merchants (available 5/3 pre-order now on Amazon)
  • We continue the discussion of “adopt” or “shop”
  • Why it seems like bigger dogs are found in shelters more often than smaller ones
  • What happens with dog sales when a certain breed is featured in a movie (i.e. 101 dalmatians)
  • Rebekah’s podcast: My Rescue Rocks
  • Heart Speaks: Artists Helping Animals
  • How someone else inspired her to take action in the rescue world
  • The Perfect Exposure Project
  • The founder of Heart Speaks and her mentor: Lisa Prince Fishler

Wisdom Nuggets:

“knowing that there’s animals that need help makes me really motivated” – Rebekah Nemethy

Tomorrow we having an exciting chat with the founder of the online mentorship program Thrive15, Clay Clark – stay tuned!!

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