Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 055: The Voice Of Tim Paige
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The Voice Of Tim Paige

Tim Paige is a father and husband first and foremost. He is also the voice behind the intro of The Positivity Effect. Some of Tim’s many talents include: years of experience in the podcasting world, touring with a band that had the opportunity to play on MTV and some of the biggest festival stages such as Bamboozle and Warped Tour. Tim is a successful voice over actor and has had his work featured with companies like Disney, AT&T, The Travel Channel, UFC, Expedia, Honda and so much more. Tim’s voice can be heard on many popular podcasts today including yours truly, The Positivity Effect. Tim is not ashamed at calling himself a nerd and loves his Syracuse sports. I had the opportunity of meeting Tim last year and he’s a real standup guy. Today he’s here to tell us about his history as a voice over actor and we get into some of the psychology of language and how, when used properly, subtext can drive emotion.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Tim’s voice over work

Tim’s twitter handle: @TimThePaige

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • Tim’s main focus: his family
  • The importance of presence and not feeling guilty
  • How to pick up on subtext in language
  • How and why text messages are misunderstood
  • Why we need to be careful with how we interpret work emails
  • How everything stems back to good communication
  • Why selling is not a dirty word
  • Tim demonstrates some of his voice overs
  • The power of singing when coupled with emotion

 Wisdom Nuggets:

“voice over is not about your voice, it’s about the meaning you put behind the words” – Tim Paige

Tim’s impact: He wants to be remembered for being a father that loved his kid more than anything in the world and a husband that did everything he could to make his wife’s life better

Tomorrow we chat with Michael Kirchhubel about hard work and how it’s never to late (or early) to start a business online – stay tuned!!

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