Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 052: Spiritualize Yourself - Caitlin Hayes
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Spiritualize Yourself

Caitlin Hayes is a unique professional who has chosen to combine her many interests into a purpose driven life. She is a licensed New York attorney with extensive international legal know how, as well as social, cultural and marketing expertise from her varied travel and global work experiences which enhances her professional offerings to go beyond traditional lawyering into consulting, coaching and instructing. Caitlin helps her clients look beyond cultural differences and apprehensions that can be prevalent in doing business cross culturally. She maintains relationships with attorneys and agents globally as quid pro quo in orchestrating international business. Caitlin prides herself on building bridges and helping her clients develop successful businesses in the global economy, and most importantly being an instrument of peace for those with whom she works. She also: teaches, writes and inspires others to recognize inner peace as our most sacred responsibility, as that directly reflects in the world we live through her website Spiritualize Yourself. 


CLICK HERE to check out Caitlin’s website: Spiritualize Yourself

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • How to do the “inner work” on yourself
  • How she’s able to be successful with her clients and her children
  • How a mother can take responsibility for her family
  • Reviewing how you react to your children
  • Moving away from a victim mentality
  • How to accept your past
  • How to refocus your emotions
  • How creativity can connect you with your spiritual side

CLICK HERE for Caitlin’s radio show


 Wisdom Nuggets:

“I’ve always been passionate in my belief system and desire to live a life full of passion and purpose” – Caitlin Hayes

CLICK HERE for day 1 of her seven day challenge

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Tomorrow we chat again with Caitlin on ways we can be more in touch with our spiritual self as well as some info about her upcoming poetry book ‘My Heart Breathes’ – stay tuned!!

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