Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 051: Ms. Fierce & Fit - Renee Rapetti
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Ms. Fierce & Fit

Renee Rapetti is the creator and founder of Fierce and Fit Boutique. Her design goal is to challenge women to lead a positive, active and grateful life. They combine inspiring mantras with bright bold colors that truly motivate. Growing up on Long Island, madly in love with athletics, she was quickly pegged as a tomboy. Avoiding the negative noise, Renee continued to follow her dreams in life to become a competitive bodybuilder. For ten years of her life, she also worked in the corporate fashion industry but towards the end realized that her mission was to become an entrepreneur. Now through Fierce & Fit Renee is inspiring and empowering women every single day. Her focus of bodybuilding has shifted to build up others now, not only herself. She is an inspiration and I’m grateful to introduce you to her.

CLICK HERE to check out Renee’s website: Fierce & Fit

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • Actionable health tips
  • How Renee discusses nutrition with her clients
  • Why overeating occurs
  • When do we “fit” fitness into our plan of health improvement
  • The importance of having a plan and accountability
  • How building her body helped her build her business
  • The role that fear plays in taking a risk
  • Why Renee is continually learning

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 Wisdom Nuggets:

“Have a plan” – Renee Rapetti

“Inspiration is a habit” – Renee Rapetti

“The energy we put out has a strange way of coming back to us multiple” – Renee Rapetti

Renee’s Impact: She wants to be remembered her positivity. The good that she brings out in people and the things she sees in someone that they may not see. She sees amazing potential in the people she comes across and wants to remind them how important they are and the impact they have in this life that we only have one shot at.

Tomorrow we chat Caitlin Hayes the founder of Spiritualize Yourself – stay tuned!!

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