Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 050: The Universe Is Always Listening - Renee Rapetti
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The Universe Is Always Listening

Renee Rapetti is the creator and founder of Fierce and Fit Boutique. Her design goal is to challenge women to lead a positive, active and grateful life. They combine inspiring mantras with bright bold colors that truly motivate. Growing up on Long Island, madly in love with athletics, she was quickly pegged as a tomboy. Avoiding the negative noise, Renee continued to follow her dreams in life to become a competitive bodybuilder. For ten years of her life, she also worked in the corporate fashion industry but towards the end realized that her mission was to become an entrepreneur. Now through Fierce & Fit Renee is inspiring and empowering women every single day. Her focus of bodybuilding has shifted to build up others now, not only herself. She is an inspiration and I’m grateful to introduce you to her.

CLICK HERE to check out Renee’s website: Fierce & Fit

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • How she got into athletics
  • A time in her life when she was burnt out from professional bodybuilding
  • How she started over
  • How the judging/critiquing of professional bodybuilding weighed on her
  • How she transitioned into giving back to others
  • The fulfillment she has now through locking in her life’s true purpose
  • The fuel that drives her everyday
  • How to make a shift with your health
  • The real “behind the scenes” of professional bodybuilding
  • How she used the gym during a difficult time to refocus her emotions
  • The importance of feeding your body the right way (not just talking about food)


 Wisdom Nuggets:

“For me, health is mind body & soul” – Renee Rapetti

“Small habits support a bigger and grander lifestyle” – Renee Rapetti

“The universe is always listening” – Renee Rapetti

Tomorrow we chat again with Renee about some actionable health tips as well as her boutique Fierce & Fit – stay tuned!!

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