Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 048: Brand Dominance - Aaron Pierson
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Brand Dominance

Aaron Pierson is a Digital Brand Strategist, Killer Content Creator, Filmmaker, Author and Award Winning Designer. He focuses on business solutions that encourage the promotional growth of digital entrepreneurs and content creators and specializes in devising creative ways to maximize the full potential of a client’s digital footprint. Through many creative channels and “out of the box” methods, Aaron advances his client’s brand, while maintaining marketing driven by consumer behavior. Today we dive deep into what really drives Aaron and we learn how and when he started to focus on the “creative” aspects of life. We all have creative “bone” in our body we just have to uncover it.

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On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • Why we need to stop taking conversation for granted
  • Aaron’s digital agency (identity design, brand design, brand audit)
  • Giving opportunities to his kids through the work he does
  • How to build a family economy
  • Why the journey is the best part
  • His course: The Activator (designed to help entrepreneurs create a digital brand/footprint)
  • The power of differentiating factors
  • His live workshop: Vitals (take what you can learn in the activator to the next level)
  • How to make your own opportunities
  • Taking a shot on your goals and how to break through the fear
  • His book: Brand Dominance

 Wisdom Nuggets:

“People spend more time designing their grocery list than their life” – Aaron Pierson

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, I’ll spend the first four sharpening my axe” – Abraham Lincoln

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Tomorrow we are joined again by Ryan Guth where we talk about his upcoming book “The Talent Monster” and he goes deep on the power of music – stay tuned!!

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