Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 047: An 80ft Fall & Creative Jiu Jitsu - Aaron Pierson
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An 80ft Fall & Creative Jiu Jitsu

Aaron Pierson is a Digital Brand Strategist, Killer Content Creator, Filmmaker, Author and Award Winning Designer. He focuses on business solutions that encourage the promotional growth of digital entrepreneurs and content creators and specializes in devising creative ways to maximize the full potential of a client’s digital footprint. Through many creative channels and “out of the box” methods, Aaron advances his client’s brand, while maintaining marketing driven by consumer behavior. Today we dive deep into what really drives Aaron and we learn how and when he started to focus on the “creative” aspects of life. We all have creative “bone” in our body we just have to uncover it.

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On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • An 80 ft fall off Camelback Mountain
  • When/How Aaron discovered his true purpose (creativity & the arts)
  • How that purpose pushed him through the good/bad experiences of life
  • How creativity can help you process emotions
  • How creativity can be fueled by uncertainty
  • The power of experiences
  • Why most people are afraid to pursue the unknown
  • How to have the right perspective about hobbies
  • Why Aaron’s favorite luxury is food
  • Why there is no limit to creativity (i.e. songs)
  • One of Aaron’s favorite musician groups: Goldfish Live
  • The powerful connection between spirituality and creativity
  • How a difficult time in his life wreaked havoc on his creativity


 Wisdom Nuggets:

With creative projects, the more senses you can tap into, the more powerful connection you will make – Aaron Pierson

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Tomorrow we chat with Aaron again and he will be joining us for the official launch day of his new brand strategy book – stay tuned!!

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