Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 046: How He Found His "Forte" - Ryan Guth
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How He Found His “Forte”

Since age 17, choral director Ryan Guth has stepped up to the stage with purpose. With a true passion and fire for choral music, his purpose is use that energy and love to motivate and inspire others to find their forte and step up to the podium of life on their terms. Over the years, Ryan has taught countless kids achieve results in their singing beyond what they ever imagined by constantly raising the bar and teaching them how to work smarter. Some of Ryan’s projects have been featured in media outlets such as The Huffington Post, MSNBC & PBS. Through his digital platform and the “Find Your Forte” podcast, Ryan has used those teachings and mindset to help not only choral directors but individuals who are in need of some advice on they too can “Find Their Forte”. Ryan is a personal friend and I’m honored to have him on the show.

CLICK HERE to check out Ryan’s website

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • Ryan’s history as a choral director turned entrepreneur
  • How he became obsessed with the bottom line over value
  • The damaging psychological/emotional effects of never hearing “no”
  • Why we must be aware of our childhood conditioning
  • Why his students saved him and shifted his mindset
  • How Ryan transitioned into a giving mentality
  • Safe environments and how they can stunt self development
  • The six human needs (i.e. having certainty/uncertainty)
  • Giving and how it always comes back to you
  • The importance of progress and the principle of “movement”
  • The power of REAL connection with people you know & strangers
  • The Eye Contact experiment

 Wisdom Nuggets:

“it was never about me when it came to my students. It was about me in every other realm of my life” – Ryan Guth

“I am most fulfilled when I help other people, that’s why I started the podcast” – Ryan Guth

“The best way to be selfish is to be selfless” – Ryan Guth

“No one ever became poor by giving” – Anne Frank

Book Recommendations

Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Key To Living The Law Of Attraction by Jack Canfield

Tomorrow I chat again with Ryan Guth about the power behind choral music and his upcoming book “The Talent Monster” – stay tuned!!

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