Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 043: Money And Trust - Niki Puri
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Money And Trust

Niki Puri is a director at Per-ee PuriCassar AG, a Swiss asset management company based in Zurich. In 2014 the company launched The Duomo Initiative, a division that is committed to mentoring and helping clients understand the financial markets and trade independently using unique methods developed at PuriCassar. Prior to forming the company with Dr. Alexander Cassar, Niki had a background working in banking in London, specifically dealing with Ultra HNWI’s. He’s here today to teach us about money and how we should be using it in our lives.

CLICK HERE to check out Niki’s website: The Duomo Initiative

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • Trust with financial advisors
  • Trust with money within your relationships
  • The Duomo Initiative
  • Niki’s ideal client
  • Compound Interest
  • Niki’s “Your Success Academy”


Wisdom Nuggets:

“Your time can’t be refunded, you can’t earn more time” – Niki Puri

“Money can be refunded, it can be working for you to make more money” – Niki Puri

“That I helped people achieve the potential that they had inside of them” – Niki Puri

Niki’s Impact: He wants to be remembered for an individual who helped people achieve the potential that they always had inside them.

Book Recommendation:

Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason

Join us tomorrow for a new Fireside Chat 😀 – stay tuned!!

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