Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 042: Money's True Purpose - Niki Puri
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Money’s True Purpose

Niki Puri is a director at Per-ee PuriCassar AG, a Swiss asset management company based in Zurich. In 2014 the company launched The Duomo Initiative, a division that is committed to mentoring and helping clients understand the financial markets and trade independently using unique methods developed at PuriCassar. Prior to forming the company with Dr. Alexander Cassar, Niki had a background working in banking in London, specifically dealing with Ultra HNWI’s. He’s here today to teach us about money and how we should be using it in our lives.

CLICK HERE to check out Niki’s website: The Duomo Initiative

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • How our finances relate to our health
  • Investing even with minimal resources
  • Why money is viewed as a dirty word
  • How to stay fulfilled no matter how much you earn
  • Finding purpose after realizing chasing money is not the purpose
  • A time in his life when he was earning a lot but was physically ill as a result of all the work
  • How Niki has been on both sides of the coin
  • A sneak peak into the Duomo Initiative and Success Academy
  • Why doing work that fulfills you allows you to work more hours
  • The power of the language we use in our head


Wisdom Nuggets:

“Don’t get clouded by earning a certain amount of money. Be more focused on the actual thing that makes you happy in life” – Niki Puri

“Eighty percent of trading is psychological” – Niki Puri

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Tomorrow we talk again with Niki Puri about the word TRUST and more about his company the Duomo Initiative – stay tuned!!

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