Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 041: A Trek Through Wisdom - Guthrie Chamberlain
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A Trek Through Wisdom

Guthrie Chamberlain, is considered amongst his peers to be an entrepreneur specialist with exceptional wisdom and insight that enables his clients to succeed with integrity and build a living legacy. Guthrie is focused on helping small businesses and entrpreneurs start and grow their business to maximize profitability and cash flow while streamlining their companies for efficiency. He also has over 35 years of senior management experience in operations, business strategy, budgeting, profit and loss responsibility, project management, custom programming and implementation/integration of technology services. He lives out his legacy everyday and does so through strong faith in God. Guthrie is the host of the Wisdom Trek podcast – a daily podcast providing 7 minutes of wisdom to his its listeners.

CLICK HERE to check out Guthrie’s podcast: Wisdom Trek

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • A tough decision in his business and how he responded to that situation
  • Difficult moments in life shape and mold us
  • How the pursuit of money is fleeting
  • The importance of daily relationship building with your spouse
  • Guthrie’s personal & virtual mentors
  • The benefits of a clear mind
  • His experience of: building “wisdom trek” and taking others on the “trek”

Wisdom Nuggets:

“I look at Wisdom Trek as the trek I have had through life. It’s a long arduous trek, you put one fut in front of the other each day. Sometimes you’ll run into rocks, sometimes you’ll run into ravines. Sometimes it’ll be a beautiful plateau where yo can smell the flowers an feel the breeze” – Guthrie Chamberlain

“the teacher is the one who learns the most” – Guthrie Chamberlain

Guthrie’s Impact: He would want to be remembered for bringing glory to god in everything he did. That his kids, grandkids and all future generations remember him as a good man. That he walked by faith each day. That others feel  compelled to follow his example of how he led his life. That through even the difficult times, he was able to hold true to his faith, his life, and to enjoying life.

Tomorrow we talk with Niki Puri about the good and the bad about money – how we can change our mindset about money and how we can build success into our lives – stay tuned!!

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