Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 039: Disconnect Everyday - Tony Wrighton
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Disconnect Everyday

Tony is a UK-based wellness expert, personal development author and Sky Sports contributor/host, with one of the most widely-downloaded self help podcasts/apps in the country. In addition, he’s authored 19 books/audiobooks including three best sellers tied to improving your motivation, your vitality and your life. His brand platform — Zestology

CLICK HERE to check out Tony’s brand: Zestology

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • His brand Zestology and his mission
  • Tony challenges me – we discuss my schedule 🙂
  • The power of doing less (simplicity)
  • The importance of disconnecting from technology
  • Tony’s tracking techniques
  • How to increase creativity
  • How Zestology has impacted Tony’s life
  • Tips on improving vitality
  • The importance of building fun into your day


Tracking results: If he switched off from technology for 8 hours or more, his energy levels would increase by 20% or more

 “many people spend more time gazing into screens than gazing into the eyes of other people nowadays” – Tony Wrighton

“You might go to the office, sit in front of a screen for eight hours, and rather than looking into the eyes of a warm, living, breathing, unpredictable human being, you look at your phone or the TV for 3-4 hours, it’s not the way us humans were meant to be” – Tony Wrighton

Impact Tony would want to be remembered for: To be remembered as a good communicator

Book Recommendation:

Play It Away by Charlie Hohn

Tomorrow we talk with Guthrie Chamberlain, the host of Wisdom Trek – the 7 day daily wisdom podcast – Guthrie will leave you feeling grateful about life – stay tuned!!

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