Positivity Effect by Dr. Tom 037: Vulnerability Is Key - Matthew McSpadden
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Vulnerability Is Key

Matthew McSpadden is a husband, a new dad, and a teacher that has overcome grief. Thanks to a strong support network he got a do-over. He had a stroke, went through a divorce, and his older brother died before his 30th birthday. Grief can take so many different paths – from depression, to loneliness, to anger.. he considered giving up many times. Matthew provides valuable information through real stories with experts and grief survivors every on his podcast, Do Over Life as well as coaching one on one coaching for those who are experiencing grief.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • How Matthew works gratitude into his routine every morning
  • How thought leaders always come back to this idea of “build a routine into your morning”
  • Matthew’s core mission with Do Over Life
  • What Matthew’s clients learn to do when they work with him
  • Vulnerability and why it’s so powerful
  • Why being vulnerable with a counselor changed his life
  • Why communication is everything
  • Why it’s okay to reach out for help

“vulnerability is key to having great conversation, great relationships, great family, great friends” – Matthew McSpadden


Do Over Life’s mantra: We believe that overcoming grief matters

Matthew’s impact he wants to be remembered for: For being a great husband, a dad that showed his kids that it was a big world and that they could do anything but that they had to work for it, and hope that he provided some sort of light to someone along their journey of life

Book recommendation:

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

You can start a conversation with Matthew@DoOverLife.com

Tomorrow we have a special Fireside Chat where I chat with Kim Knight, a woman who overcame chronic pain and fatigue and now teaches others how to do the same – stay tuned!!

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